2nd Chakra – These 5 Five Pointers Indicate Serious Blocks

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Lacking In Passion? – Check Out Your Second Chakra

Do you have issues with your self esteem/self worth? Are you struggling with your personal Second chakrarelationships? Are you experiencing low mood or finding it difficult to get excited, feel pleasure or have you noticed an imbalance in your sexual appetite. 

If you have answered yes to any of the above you could be experiencing an issue with or blockage of the Second Chakra.

The second Chakra also known as the  Sacral Chakra will be found approximately 2 inches above your belly button in the spine area. If blocked this Chakra can have devastating impact on your well being.

Below you will find John E. Groberg’s 5 signs that could indicate you are suffering form a weak or blocked Second Chakra.



2nd chakra


1. You are plagued by guilt and reluctant or unwilling to forgive yourself for past mistakes. You are constantly judging your worthiness compared to others, and tend to avoid the company of people you perceive as more qualified than you, because just being around them makes you feel inadequate.

2. You have a fragile sense of self-worth, which is highly dependent upon pleasing others – especially those you perceive as having power or authority over you.  This often results in seeing yourself as a self-sacrificing martyr, often putting others’ wants and demands before your own needs, all the while harboring silent resentment towards them and self-criticism towards yourself.

3. You get easily offended, hurt or upset by the words and actions of people that you perceive as not appreciating you.  You get defensive and tend to condemn others who behave differently than you think they should.

4. You believe that you are flawed and are always under construction.  You don’t trust that you can be loved just for being who you already are. Instead you believe that you have to continually improve yourself to become worthy of being loved, by others and by yourself.

5. You experience any of the following physical symptoms on a frequent or recurring basis:  bowel disorders, bladder or urinary tract infections, chronic lower back pain or sexual appetite imbalances (hyper or hypo sexual).



Many Thanks To John E. Groberg – Author

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