4 Important Messages From The Soul – We Must Listen!

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Are You Living The Life You Are Meant To Be Living Without Realizing It

Reiki ExploredIn those quiet times when you are alone with your thoughts, do you ever think about the meaning of your existence..? I know I do.

Thoughts like why am I here or what should I be doing with my life pop up all the time. It is as though I am not content or feel that my numerous life achievements aren’t enough. We are told that we should be trying to identify our higher purpose to experience true fulfilment and happiness.

I came across this article by Katrina Cavanough which puts all these doubting thoughts into perspective. Could it be that we are living our higher purpose but we just haven’t  taken time out to realize it.

Here are 4 of the things Katrina believes your soul wants you to know. You may be surprised…



1. You are OK just as you are.

The main goal of life is to not really change, grow or transform yourself. It is to be at peace with who you are at any given moment despite what you have done or not done; said or not said. Transformation is a choice we all have, but from the soul’s perspective, it is not the greatest priority.

2. Your soul wants you to know that you are meant to feel deeply.

We are not here to brush over our experiences, but to experience our emotions and listen to our feelings as they guide us either closer to, or further from, what is best.

 3. You are here to experience life. What that means is completely up to you.

It is not so much about what you experience, but the way you feel about yourself as you experience that matters most. There are many of us who experience great success for example, but we don’t allow ourselves to actually feel and breathe in the bounty of what we have achieved. Instead we just tick that box and move forward to the next goal.

Life is not meant to be lived this way. We are here to immerse ourselves in each and every experience and feel the greatness of who we are as we live each day.

4. Your soul wants you to know stillness.

When we are still, we can truly listen. As we listen we open ourselves to understand and it is within the stillness that we can feel the greatest connection to our soul’s wisdom. That is why meditation, being still in nature and finding a quiet moment for ourselves feels so appealing. They are opportunities to connect with who we truly are. Kind, compassionate, gentle and wise.

We just have to listen.

Read the full articl here – 6-things-your-soul-wants-you-to-know

About the author:

Katrina CavanoughKatrina Cavanough (AMHSW BSW/BSocSc) has worked with thousands of people as a grief and  trauma therapist for over 20 years.  She is now an inspirational speaker, life strategist, author and spiritual change agent.  Her unique style offers practical life guidance based on intuitive wisdom and extensive experience working with relationships and human behavior.


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