5 Great Tips For Reiki Self Attunement – Why Pay?

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Great Way To Benefit From Reiki Self Attunement

Reiki ExploredReiki is an innate energy that lies within us all since the beginning of time.  All we have to do to benefit from this healing energy is simply realise that this is our birthright free to use as and when needed.

There are many ways to receive a Reiki attunement which will all be successful if you are willing to receive.

In this article by Yvonne Holterman she explains the simple technique you can apply today to receive a full Reiki self attunement. You will be surprised how simple this technique is and take it from me, It really works.



Gassho position

1. Sit in Gassho position – (hands in prayer position in front of you).

2. “Intend” to receive a full Reiki attunement.

3. Imagine that you have roots growing out of your feet and going down into the earth below you and grounding and earthing your entire body.

4. When you are ready, visualise (imagine) white light entering the crown of your head and filling the whole of your body from top to toe.  See it entering each one of your chakras in turn, filling, cleansing, balancing and harmonising each one.  Visualise the white light filling your arms and the whole of your hands then coming out of the palms of your hands and filling the whole world!

5. Sit for as long as you like, before drawing your ‘roots’ up from the earth and bringing yourself back into the present, now fully attuned to Reiki.

This method is as effective as hands on attunements by a ‘qualified’ Reiki teacher, and as effective as distant attunements, or any other attunement method that there is.  Reiki is no longer confined to only those who can pay for it, or only those who can travel to find someone willing to attune them, or to only those who ask for the attunement from another person. Reiki is our birthright, and as such anyone who wants to be attuned can be, no matter what method they use.


Thank you to luzialight for this article

Yvonne Holterman

Yvonne has always been curious of the world around me. She takes people’s interest at heart. From an early age she developed psychic abilities, but likes to class herself as a guidance councilor. Her motto is: what doesn’t kill you makes you strong!

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