Chakras & How To Apply Them In Your Daily Life.

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Keep your Chakras Unblocked To Maintain A Healthy Life

Reiki ExploredBy now most of us who have an interest in spirituality have an great understanding of what chakras are and how they affect our lives. That said how many of us are taking advantage of this understanding and applying this knowledge to their everyday lives.

Chakras are physical energy centres found within the body through which energy flows. Keeping these energy centres free from will reflect positively in our outer bodies by maintaining mental and physical health along with along with improving our physical interactions with others. Bloked energy in our chakras will more than likely lead to illness.

The following post will give you a complete overview of all 7 chakras and how to use them in your everyday life to stop them from becoming blocked.


The Root Chakra

Starting with the root. The root is the most physical out of all the chakras. It deals with basic survival needs like food, shelter, to things like money and comfort.

This chakra is fulfilled if your surroundings are pleasing to be in and you feel safe in your living situation. If you’re struggling with an inflow of resources, it has a direct correlation to feelings of security and what you’re putting your focus on.root_chakra_by_rebelbam-d5g04xe

Since this chakra has the most to do with physicality, manifesting it’s energies is a constant flow that can be seen as buying groceries, paying bills, cleaning, etc.

If you are able to keep on top of your societal duties, you are bringing forth the root’s energy.

Practising this chakra can be as simple as taking care of your responsibilities and making sure you basic living needs are always met.

The Sacral Chakra

The sacral deals with feelings, having the right to fully immerse yourself in your emotions. We are taught that expressing too much emotion is being overly sensitive or dramatic.

Coming from the sacral is knowing that there’s a reason you feel how you do, and that its always okay.

Our society is quick to dismiss what we label as ‘irrational’ thoughts or emotions, when they are really just symptoms of a core issue. Emotions can act as a guidance system for the core of our feelings. The sacral energies are interconnected with intimacy.

Practising this chakra on the physical level can look like, first, allowing yourself to fully feel your emotions. Don’t deny or distract yourself from the feelings. They are incredibly real and valid even when we are told otherwise.

imagesHaving open communication with your partner about your sexual exploration is manifesting the sacral energies.

Having a safe, open dialogue about your sexuality and desires is practising bringing this energy forth.

It’s something that’s very difficult for some people, and no big deal for others.

If you find yourself struggling with this chakra, feel your emotions down to the core to find where they really stem from.

Take the time to explore what you’re feeling and know that it’s always valid.

The Solar Plexus Chakra

Out of all the chakras, the solar plexus is currently the one I’m most focused on. As I grow into who I am, I find myself slipping between subtle feelings of powerlessness and self doubt.

To be fully myself is to know I’m coming from the heart, so anything I say isn’t filtered through lack of confidence.

On the physical level, coming from the solar plexus looks like knowing what you need to say and powerfully speaking your truth. It’s having the drive to create new projects and confidently manifest ideas, no matter what anyone else says.

One way I’m trying to practice confidence through sending a message to a girl I went to high school with. At the time, I hadn’t learned to properly understand my emotions so I was, for lack of a better word, mean.url

My 16 year old self wasn’t particularly nice to this girl; and now I’m finding myself extremely compelled to send her a message.

She publicly talks about her struggles and depression so I felt like I should just write her a nice message and see if she’s interested in some ideas within spirituality.

I still haven’t sent the message because I don’t have the confidence to just do it. I’m scared of a lack of response or a response that would be best described as “wtf”.

I know no matter what, if I’m being authentic and trying to uplift her, then there’s nothing I could do wrong.

Practice this chakra through doing something that takes confidence. If your intention is pure, then no matter what you do it is coming from a space of wanting to help.

The Heart Chakra

Coming from the heart is understanding another person; for they are you.

It is acting compassionately and having real empathy for others. It is our innate state of being but it’s something that’s pushed out of us from an early age.

The heart is the merge from the lower chakras to the higher ones, so physically acting out the energies start to happen on a emotion level.

Coming from the heart is tapping into the feelings of your peers to feel their pains, fears and traumas, and see them as a mirror of your own. We are all reflection of each other and so are our issues and experiences.images-1

Practising this on physical level can look like having compassion for someone when you’re in an argument for instance.

If you are able to take yourself out of the situation and view it from a neutral, third party position, then you can see the real reasons behind the argument.

A lot of the time those reasons don’t have to directly do with us.

There are always multiple layers to communication and when we can see through the heart, we can distinguish those layers and see the core of the issue.

If you can develop a real compassion for how your peers are feeling, regardless of your relationship to them, then you are physically channelling the energy from the heart chakra.

The Throat Chakra

The throat is all about expression. It can be through verbal communication, expressing yourself through art or projects, body language, etc.

Once you have the confidence and are coming from the heart, expression is simple. It is the most authentic you coming forth to add your voice to the collective. It is the expression of your truth that adds to the whole of the universe.

What this can look like on the physical is quite vast.

When you work on all the lower chakras, the throat chakra is the expression of all your accumulated knowledge. It’s being able to pour your heart into something you love doing, and expressing that with the world.throat_chakra__vishuddha__by_rebelbam-d6epyfr

When you have practised confidence, the throat chakra is the action of expressing what you’d like to share.

The more stable we are in the lower chakras, the better the foundation is for stabilizing the higher ones.

If you are encompassing the energy of the lower chakras through the throat chakra, your ability to express yourself will be genuine and fulfilling.

The Third Eye Chakra

The third eye is seeing through your heart. It is the trusting in your intuition and knowing the knowledge that you receive is always what you are meant to know at that time.

A way this manifests on the third dimension is through the ability to truly see people for who they are. It’s the ability to see through the shield we put up, and understand why we are who we are.

When you’re communicating with someone and you can tell they are lying or holding something back, that’s when you can practice with the third eye chakra.

It’s having the awareness to sense the truth, and bring your own insights forth.

images-2The third eye is putting the pieces together yourself that might explain why someone is acting ‘not themselves’.

When we listen intently and see the pattern of the possibilities that answer our questions, that’s when we practice with the energy of the third eye.

It’s having the knowledge to see beyond language to really understand what someone is saying.

Ask them specific questions to get a specific answer that further propels the pattern of understanding.

The Crown Chakra

The crown is the accumulation of all the chakras energies.

It is seeing the big picture and all the details that come with creation.

It is merging your consciousness with higher aspects of yourself to bring forth all the knowledge available to you.

When you combine the practical lessons learned from all the chakras, the crown is blending all the energy together.

It is being in motion with who you are living your truth. It’s the ability to bring information down into your consciousness and apply them.

th2_mp65You are no longer telling the world who you are, you are showing it through example.

Through your actions you show the world the impact you’d like to make.

The crown is the mixing of all the ingredients you’ve thrown together in the salad of life.

The more you strengthen the and integrate the connection we all posses to our higher intelligence, the more insight you bring into this dimension.

Physically manifesting the crowns energy is to have an inner knowing on what to do in your life.

It’s being able to see the possibilities ahead of time and seeing how all the intricate details connect and create this world.

When we can practically apply the lessons that each chakra holds, it brings spirit and science together. It’s showing through tangible, concrete evidence that we can channel each energy center into the physical.

Once we can merge all the chakras and the experiences that come with each one into a whole, that’s when we truly align ourselves with who we are.



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