How Reiki Repaires Damage Caused By Our #1 Instinct

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Reiki Will Repaire Damage Caused By Our #1 Instinct

Reiki ExploredIn today world we are faced with numerous hurdles that keep us for far too long in the fight or flight mode. This is how the brain informs the body to react in dangerous situations through a feeling of fear, rapid heart beat, tightening of muscles and much more. It’s sole purpose is to ensure we survive any situation.

Because the number 1 principal of human nature is self preservation, the brain is ultra sensitive to situations that could affect your well being. It will endeavour to store in the conscious and subconscious mind any information that could cause you harm and prompt the body to react through the fight or flight mode when anywhere near these situations.

Through stresses at work or the lack of work, relationship issues, money problems and generally trying to keep up with all the new trends that today’s world demands. Not to mention how the media impacts on our personal view of ourselves –  too fat, too slim, too short, too tall, not good enough etc.

All the above and the many other profound subconscious negatives our brain stores for our protection are impacting on our mental and physical health massively with some devastating effects.

In this article by Angie Webster she explains how Reiki will work against the impact of spending so much time in fight or flight by putting the mind and body into the rest and repair mode.


Article by Angie Webster

Rest and restore mode is our response to pleasant emotional states and external situations. Most of us don’tReiki Explored experience as many of these states as we do the opposite. In fact, our brain is programmed to pay more attention to the ones that are negative, responding more strongly to those and making more of a “mental note” about them. Neuroscientist Rick Hanson has studied this and says the brain is “like Velcro for negative experiences and Teflon for positive ones”. Rest and restore mode is when our body and mind begin relaxing everything and returning our heart rate and adrenaline to a balanced and regular rate. Our digestion is restored. Lung function returns to normal. We release “feel good” chemicals into the system. The entire immune system begins repairing the body and the brain begins restoring a more peaceful and balanced sense of clarity. Our body works to repair itself in this state. Sounds wonderful, right?

Yet, we don’t get to return to rest and restore very often. And when we do it isn’t for long enough to fully repair the damage that is done during all the time we are in fight or flight mode. And then there is the negativity bias of the brain, which is there to keep us safe by keeping us more focused on the “bad”things or the dangers than on the positive things that may have actually happened. So in order to overcome this and stay healthy, we have to intentionally seek balance. We can do this through energy healing, like Reiki, getting enough rest, and through meditation, breath work or exercise. We can also make an intentional practice of noticing and appreciating the things that happen that are positive in our lives.

Reiki very quickly takes us into the rest and restore mode and allows our system to stay there and work to repair itself. It also allows that work to continue for a period after the session. Once this repair and balancing has begun, it is easier to maintain. Continued Reiki on a periodic basis that makes sense for you and your situation, and/or Reiki training so that you can give yourself regular Reiki will help you to continue to return to the rest and restore mode often for continued healing.

Angie Webster

Angie Webster is a freelance writer, Reiki Master Teacher and meditation teacher. She uses Reiki and spiritual practice to guide and heal her body, mind and life. Reiki and a healthy lifestyle contributed to her recovery after a 20 year struggle with neurological and other health issues. She comes out the other side with a new perspective on life and now seeks to empower others, reminding them of their own healing abilities. You can follow her at:,,

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