How to Write Healing Affirmations with Reiki

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Affirmations… I love affirmations.

Do you want to make a positive change in your life? Are you struggling with a negative mindset bestowed upon you from you parents? Do you possess all the attributes to excel in life but seem to be stagnating no matter what you do?

If this sounds like you then try using positive affirmations to flood your mind with thoughts and visions of the you that you want to be and drown out the negatives that keep you in a place that you have long since outgrown.

Affirmations are used to change the way we think in order to change the way we live our lives.

By repeating a positive phrase we wish to see happen in our lives, assisted by visualizing what our life would look like if this was to happen. Then use your other senses  where possible – touch, smell, taste and finally emotion to give the affirmation more depth. 

Completing you affirmations in this way will give you a much greater chance of success. Remember you are changing beliefs and beliefs can be changed.

The following article will explain the basics of written affirmations and how using Reiki alongside will enhance your affirmations giving greater results.


Reiki and affirmations



Written Affirmation & Reiki


This can be achieved through writing an affirmation, such as:

I, YOUR NAME, make money easily and with great pleasure!

Once this affirmation is used properly, it will establish a new opinion in your mind. And because our opinion create our reality (have you read/watched The Secret?), then with a bit of healing, you will be able to make money easily and with pleasure :). Because a new affirmation heals the old belief (pattern), and replaces it with a new, healthy and useful belief (pattern).

And the best way to work with affirmations is writing them – because this way, they are being encoded within our mind easily, and thus, the process of healing yourself through affirmations becomes much more effective.

How to Write Affirmations

How to write affirmations? Well, there are few “rules” and some “guidelines”. First, the affirmation must be a positive phrase. So don’t use “no”, “never”, “not” and things like that. Always try to make sure that your affirmation sounds positive. Next, write affirmations for yourself, not for others. For example, instead of writing “my neighbour want to move out“, your good affirmation should look like this:

I, YOUR NAME, have a right for peace and quiet in my own home.

Always use affirmations to heal something about yourself, instead of trying to force others do something you would like them to do. Writing affirmations for yourself is the ethical way.

In writing affirmations, try not to negate yourself – if you wish to heal something, you can’t negate something, like this: “I, YOUR NAME, will not get angry any more”. Such affirmation focuses on you getting angry, and it’s a bad affirmation. Instead, you should write a healing, positive affirmation such as:

I, YOUR NAME, can remain calm and at peace whenever I wish to.

These are the basics of writing affirmation. Of course, you can also recite the affirmation, or listen to a recorded affirmation, because it works, as well. And, speaking and listening to affirmations can be supported with Reiki, too. For now, though, I focus on explaining written affirmations. And you write affirmations in a simple school notebook.

But this is just a beginning. The affirmations should be written on the left page in the notebook – and only on the left page. When the page is filled, you move on to another left page. The right page is left for something we call “reactions” – this is a “reactions page”. Reactions are this: our thoughts, emotions, memories, beliefs, feelings, usually negative, that appear in our mind and body when we’re writing the affirmation. They are the issues of our mind that must be healed for the affirmation to work successfuly. We write down any feelings, emotions, memories, beliefs etc. that we may experience, on the right page. With these reactions, you can work further:

  • You can use Reiki self-healing treatment with intention of healing particular reaction.
  • Reactions can be healed through new affirmations – you can design and write affirmations for a specific reaction.
  • You can practice forgiveness: to yourself and to others, if the reaction suggests you have something to forgive. And usually, we do have a lot to forgive.
  • You can practice some other practice of healing the reaction, through breathing techniques, meditations or contemplations.

The affirmation is considered done when there are no more reactions on the right page of the notebook – but not before the affirmation has been written for at least 30 days in a row.Remember to open yourself to healing and positive changes in life as you work with affirmations.

The affirmation must be written from three perspectives: I, You and He/She, like this:

I, YOUR NAME, the rest of the affirmation…
You, YOUR NAME, the rest of the affirmation…
He/She, YOUR NAME, the rest of the affirmation…

We do so, because our mind perceives our life from all these perspectives: what we think about ourselves and what others think about us. This also heals the social issue of our own fear against the opinions of others. Such triple affirmation must be written down five times for each perspective. This way, each day you write 15 phrases. All of this should be written for 30 days in a row, but – if you miss a day, you add 3 additional dates to the sum of days. So, if you miss a day, you write the affirmation for 33 days. If you miss three days, you write the affirmation for 39 days. This is to make sure the affirmation is propely encoded, and it is not a penalty of any sort :).

Work with only a single affirmation per 30 days – don’t try to write two or more affirmations at the same time, because a focused affirmation works better.

A Healing Crisis

Similar to Reiki healing/cleansing period after an intensive practice (and initiation itself), a similar healing/cleansing period may be experienced while working with affirmations. After a few days of writing the affirmation, you may experience doubts, fears, sadness and unpleasant memories or emotions. This is very normal – it is a sign that the healing process has begun and the affirmation begins to heal your mind and your soul, and that the old patterns are being reprogrammed into new patterns.

In this situation, don’t give up – keep writing the affirmation until 30 days or more passed. The crisis will pass, as well, and the affirmation will change your life.

And below I post some basic affirmations that you should write for a couple of months, one affirmation per month.

  • I, YOUR NAME, love and respect myself.
  • I, YOUR NAME, am safe and secured whatever I do.
  • I, YOUR NAME, deserve to be successful.
  • I, YOUR NAME, like myself.

These affirmations are meant to heal your self-confidence and self-esteem – and these are the basics of any path of spiritual growth.

How to Use Reiki in Affirmations

I have explained how to use affirmations in general – and how to use Reiki in affirmations? Well, the method of Reiki can support the process of writing affirmations. First, if you’re a practitioner of the first Reiki degree (Shoden), then before you begin writing affirmations, relax and send (channel) Reiki into the notebook and to yourself at the same time, with an intention of healing that which the affirmation is about. After writing 15 phrases, send Reiki to the notebook and to yourself with the same intention.

If you are a second degree practitioner (Okuden), you can use Reiki symbols to support the affirmations. Before writing the affirmations, draw and activate the first Reiki symbol (CKR), and follow it with the second symbol (SHK) – the symbol of emotional healing, as a lot of people calls it. Keep an intention of healing the issues you’re writing affirmations about. In the end, after writing the 15 phrases, draw and activate the symbols in reversed order – first, the second symbol and then the first symbo. Don’t forget to cut the connection (energetic cord) with the notebook after you’re done :).

And, if you know the emotional/mental healing technique, usually taught in the second degree classes, you can use this technique to work with healing affirmations, as well.



Many thanks to Reiki Paths for this article

Get the full article here – how-to-write-healing-affirmations-with-reiki

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