Recharge Everything With Reiki – Be Creative.

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Reiki Can Charge Anything. Use Your Imagination.

Use Reiki healing energy to make the necessary changes to your life. You will see and feel the benefits. From personal use, to using Reiki on pets, plants or objects this wonderful healing energy has no bounds. All you need is imagination to utilize this energy to personally benefit and for the benefit of others. 

In this article by Taryn Walker you will see just how she uses Reiki in her everyday life and reaps the rewards.



Charge crystals with Reiki

By Taryn Walker

When I first became attuned to Reiki I Reikied everything! I charged my food with Reiki. I gave some to my appliances. My plants didn’t know what hit them, but they liked it a lot. I charged my crystals with Reiki too and my cat got enough Reiki to last nine life-times. The feeling of Reiki moving through me was and still is mind-blowingly beautiful and oh so humbling. Still in awe of this amazing gift we’ve been given.

Reiki for Cats

Nowadays it’s not always possible to get organic food or pure water so I’m really thankful that we have Reiki! I may be imagining it, but when I charge my water with Reiki it tastes sweet. I live on an island where drinking water comes from the rivers, is filtered and stored in big 20 litre plastic containers. I’m not exactly sure what happens to that water when it sits in plastic like that but it has this weird metallic taste and my body almost rejects it. So I charge my water with Reiki and my body takes it in happily. 

You can charge just about anything with Reiki. While preparing and cooking food I send Reiki along the way and just before I eat I send a final blast to supercharge my meal. When you add Reiki to food you’re adding ‘prana’ (chi, life-force energy) and this is what your body takes from the food to keep you energised and healthy. The ‘ki’ part of Reiki is believed to be the Japanese equivalent of prana.

Charge your food with Reiki

Have you noticed how you can keep eating more and more junk food? It’s because it has almost no prana and hunger is the signal to take in what your body needs. When you eat food full of prana you feel completely satisfied afterwards. The very, very rare yogis who don’t eat or sleep are experts at taking in this prana from the air we breathe. They’re basically living on life-force energy.

Food often goes on a long journey before reaching you. By the time food gets to your plate, it’s lost a lot of prana along the way and this is a good reason to energise your food with Reiki.

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Many Thanks to Taryn Walker for this article.


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