Reiki – A Perfect Remedy For Anxiety/Stress

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How Reiki Will Remove Stress & Anxiety Without Drugs

What happens when our sympathetic nervous system is taxed? Our bodies go into fight-or-flight mode, and our survival instincts are set into motion.

This is the point when we feel at our most anxious and we may display the tell tail signs of stress or panic. If this happens on a regular basis it could result in a diagnosed panic or anxiety disorder.

Life’s stresses, unresolved childhood issues, a bereavement etc are major factors for the above symptoms. If not dealt with these factors will engulf us in the negative energy which will manifest into a physical ailment.

This article by Margarita Alcantara Reiki Master/Teacher informs how Reiki works with anxiety/stress and relays a clients story and how Reiki helped them regain balance.


By Margarita Alcantara Reiki Master/Teacher


One of my patients, “L,” used to come into my treatment room, often crying with overwhelm as soon as she sat down. It was clear to me that she was still working through old patterns of self-sabotage and low self-esteem. These patterns kept her from enjoying a satisfying love life, or from moving forward in her career from a verbally abusive boss. She was feeling the energy of everyone around her, because she is a highly sensitive person. Because of this she regularly felt off-kilter, scattered, and frightened, often speaking at breakneck speed.


It took her a while to calm down during her first Reiki treatment. But by the end of the session I could feel that she had already released some of the old energy through her hands and feet, and her chakras were cleared and infused with Universal Light. She shifted to a far more grounded and calm state, before she even got off the table.

Her eyes were less wild and they sparkled with Qi and aliveness, in a way they hadn’t before. She had said to me, “Wow. I feel so calm.” She was comfortable with the silence between her words, once again.

As each session progressed, her inner strength started to emerge, and she started to create awareness around her self-sabotaging patterns. She began to shift them, creating new and more productive, habits. She started to treat herself with more compassion and self-love, started trusting in her intuition, and taking better care of her body, despite her ongoing challenges.

There’s a deep sense that everything will be OK.

Holding space for my patient’s transformations is an honor that is not lost on me!

So, how exactly does Reiki gently and powerfully bring us back to center?

Reiki helps us reconnect with our heart, our true center, realigning us with our Higher Self.

Fear is often a strong emotion, but it is ultimately an illusion, albeit a powerful one. Love, however, is real. And, Reiki helps us reconnect to ourselves — to Love.


So when we use Reiki to clear out the energetic debris in our chakras and reconnect to our self-love, as well as our love for others, we become aware of the destructive patterns we’ve been holding onto. That’s when we can start to learn how to break them.

What does that look like from the outside?

During a Reiki session, you’ll feel calmer, and be able to take full, deep and easy breaths. Your muscles start to release tension, your heart rate will become moderate and adrenals will be put at ease. There’s a deep sense that everything will be OK, despite all of your struggles.

Most people benefit from their first Reiki treatment, while others work through deeper issues with additional treatments. Everyone’s needs are different.

So, how are you managing your stress and anxiety?




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