Reiki v’s Science – 3 Studies With Convincing Results

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Reiki Keeps On Moving Forward In Proving It’s Credibility

Reiki ExploredAs we who believe in the power of Reiki and other alternative therapies all know, They Work… But the sceptical scientists continue to have a problem with these types of therapies, not due to said therapies having no benefits in the treatment of serious ailments but simply because they don’t understand how or why these therapies work.

On the positive side these alternative therapies are being frequently and robustly tested, like they should be and the results are varied. There is however a pattern forming with the Reiki results as it is consistently proving to be effective as a alternative alternative treatment. Eventually even the scientists will have to accept that Reiki works with or without a scientific explanation of how it works.

Read about the 3 studies which the Reiki treatments success in proving its credibility, resulted in the current popularity of this treatment we all benefit from. 



Reiki Healing

Autonomic Nervous System Changes during Reiki Treatment: A Preliminary Study

The study was conducted by the National Institute of Health and the US National Library of Medicine, and its results published on their official website.

In order to facilitate the experiment, the investigators and researchers have assigned 45 participants into three groups. The No Treatment group, the Reiki treatment facilitated by a practitioner group, and the Placebo treatment group that was facilitated by another person who has no background in the delivery of Reiki.

In order to measure the effect of the measurements, the researchers came up with their own quantitative measures that will let them measure the functions of the nervous system. For example, the team recorded and measured the cardiac vagal tone, the breathing activity and the heart beat. In order to have a point of comparison, the values before and after were recorded and compared. Based on the values recorded, it was found out that the diastolic blood pressure and the heart rate decreased for those people in the group that received the actual Reiki session from someone who is knowledgeable in Reiki. There was a significant quantitative difference in the measurements, compared to the No Treatment and Placebo groups.

Effect of Reiki on the Immune System

This study was conducted by the Helfgott Research Institute of the National College of Naturopathic Medicine.

The researchers came up with three groups for the experiment – the group that received the Reiki treatment, the group who relaxed, and the last group are the ones that did not get the relaxation and did not receive the Reiki treatment either. In order to come up with a point of comparison, blood tests for the subjects were taken before and after the treatment. In this study, it was found out that the immune system of the person was enhanced after receiving Reiki. This was validated by the increase in the number of the white blood cells in the blood of the person who was part of the group that received the Reiki help. Again, this study shows the importance of Reiki in influencing how the body acts and reacts.

Reiki Increases Hemoglobin

This was based on the study that was conducted by Otelia Bengssten, M.D. In this study, the doctor attended to the requirements of 79 people who are sick. The participants of the study were diagnosed with a number of diseases and illnesses. Some of the reported illnesses of the respondents include multiple endocrine disorders, congestive heart failure and brain tumor. In order to test the effect of Reiki, 46 of the patients underwent Reiki treatment, and the other 33 were used as the control. Those who were treated with Reiki showed increase in hemoglobin. In short, through Reiki sessions, patients showed signs of recovery.

Among these three studies, this one made by Dr. Bengssten is considered as the most important validation that indeed Reiki can help improving one’s health.

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