These 3 Things Will Stop The Third Eye From Opening!

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 Can’t Open The Third Eye – 3 Reasons Why

Why can’t I open the third eye? Has anybody ever succeeded in opening their third eye? I’ve been trying to open my third eye for the longest time and I am no closer to doing this than when I started. Is this possible? All questions that have been put to me over and over again.

People will have numerous personal reasons for embarking on the journey of opening the third eye. You may want to meet your spirit guides or maybe you believe that this is the way to raise your vibration and grow spiritually. You may be experiencing difficulties in your relationships and are seeking advice or you may just want to manifest a life of ease and contentment.

Whatever your reasons for wanting to open your third eye you need to know that is is not easy… 

It’s going to take persistence and tenacity to realize your goal. Complete balance in all areas of your life is a necessity.

Everything in life has a frequency or a vibration. The “higher” a frequency is, the faster it is vibrating and the more difficult it can be for us to see with our physical eyes.

If you are struggling with opening your third eye remember this will not happen overnight. Below you will find 3 common mistakes that will stop you from achieving your goal.


Third eye opening


3 Reasons Your Struggling To Open The Third Eye

1. Giving Up Too Easily

Just like you can’t expect to become a master painter overnight, don’t expect to be able to see orbs and archangels after your first meditation session. Trust me, you wouldn’t want to wake up in the middle of the night standing face-to-face with the ghost of your Great Aunt Millie. In the very early stages, this will scare the crap out of you.

If you want to sense metaphysical energies, prepare to embark on a beautiful journey of self-discovery. Take the time that is necessary to adjust to these frequencies and let go of the old habits that keep you at a lower frequency. Enjoy the process. It’s beautiful.

2. Holding On To Old Habits

Take a look around you. See any angels? If not, it isn’t because they aren’t there, it’s because there’s a “block” that’s keeping you from seeing them. That “block” acts like a blindfold. A “block” cannot take away your gift of intuition, only numb or hide it temporarily.

Some examples of common intuitive “blocks” are stuck emotions from the past, a toxic relationship, a chemical laden diet, or a harmful work or home environment.

If you’re looking to “heighten” your intuition, it’s necessary to take inventory and see what could potentially be hindering your extrasensory perception and let it go.

3. Taking On Too Much Energy

When you’re empathic, you intuitively pick up on the energies of others and your environment. You begin to feel energies all around you in addition to your own thoughts and emotions. This can get exhausting pretty quickly. When you find yourself in this position, you need to ground yourself.

For example, kids have intense spiritual energy. They are these pure, bright lights in the world. And what do they LOVE doing? Playing! Moving! Running! Hopping! Skipping! Jumping! They need movement as much as adults need movement.

When you’re pushing your body to play a sport or to swim, jog, or hike, you’re engaging and changing your physiology. Your feet hitting the ground, the sweating, the movement is a perfect recipe to help you release the negativity and “ground” any energy that can make you feel foggy.

If you are not grounded, you may find yourself subconsciously trying to ground through other activities like eating, engaging in conflict, scrolling through your Facebook news feed, watching TV, or reading. These are not effective ways of grounding.

In order to feel better and more rooted in the body and in the present moment, move your body. Try it every day for two weeks and see how you feel.

Apply these suggestions and you will find it a lot easier to open the third eye.

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