Toxic Energy? – 9 Tips To Remove

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These 9 Tips Will Ward Off Negative Energy

Reiki ExploredAre you in a low mood without any real cause? Do you feel drained, shattered or just have the feeling that you can’t be bothered? Maybe you’re experiencing symptoms of stress even though when you analyse whats going on in your life, you just cannot see why…

Have you ever thought that you could be absorbing other peoples negative energy. Whether this is the case or not, if you feel like the above negative people or situations could be the cause.

People who confide their secrets/ eg a work colleague is being treated unfairly, your friend told you about their marital/relationship problems or internal family issues between siblings etc could all be adding to you low mood. 

Even though none of the mentioned issues/secrets relate to you personally, after being around negativity it can stick on to you. A build up of negative energy can result in symptoms mentioned earlier.

In this article you will be given tips to remove this negative energy in order to return to your normal self.

negative energy


1. Research Your Crystals

Usually the gems of obsidian, amethyst, tigers eye, fluorite, and black onyx are all fantastic sources to rid your home, as well as renewing your aura, of all negative energies you may have gathered from a stressful event or people you encountered. Some may be a little skeptical as to how crystals could possibly be used to help with extinguishing bad vibes, but think of the minerals we use in today’s creations such as clocks and computers. Crystals can be very beneficial to have around.

2. So Much Sage

You can never have enough sage to go around. By burning a little bit of sage around your house, you are cleansing all the negative energy that may be around you. This technique also helps if you fear there any mean specters in your home. The sage is to provide a welcoming atmosphere to all good spirits and energies.

3. Practice With Essential Oils

Essential oils are also a wonderful source to get rid of negative energies. Sandalwood, myrrh, and niaouli have some of the best cleansing properties as well as smelling absolutely amazing. You can use an oil diffuser or just inhale the aroma of the oils. If you feel like that wasn’t enough, placing a drop of the oil on either the crown, back of your neck, or middle of the eyebrows will also do the trick.

4. Incense Initiate

Nag Champa and Tibetan incense sticks are wonderful alternatives to the sage and essential oils. These particular incense suggestions are also free of toxic and artificial perfumes. Light your incense when all is calm and quiet in your home. The smell will soothe your head and thoughts of all worry.

5. Practice White Light Meditation

This form of meditation is pretty interesting to practice. Once you’ve gotten comfortable, calm your breathing, close your eyes, and imagine within your minds eye a bright warm white light that surrounds you and the people you love. Focus on keeping this light as your barrier and ward against the evil forces.

6. Wash The Negativity Off

By taking a shower or bath with flower petals, essential oils, or even burning some incense while you bathe is an amazing way to rid yourself of all negative energy. By using the white light meditation practice, imagine all the negative armor being washed away off your body. You could also use lavender or ylang ylang essential oils in your bath if you so wish.

7. Find Your Mantra

Mantras are essentially soothing words that hold different meanings for people to cleanse themselves of all impurities. By practicing a variety or even just one specific mantra, your body’s energy reacts to the vibrations of the words you speak. By speaking your mantra, you allow your body to rid itself of all negative energies and bring in only positive energy.

8. The Use Of Sound

Using either a bell or gong, one can essentially achieve the same effect as chanting a mantra. The vibrations that both instruments bring allow your home and people be open to only positive energy. This is believed to get rid of all bad spirits that may be present.

9. Amulet Attire

Amulets of all religious faiths that have been given meaning by their beholders often ward off negative energies. The same concept with crystals. You must believe in the power of that symbol for it to offer you it’s protection. Wearing it with only good intentions will allow for positive energies to follow you.


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